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3 Day Refresh Results

Tell me what to eat, when and how much and I get turned off…honestly!  But, I’ve learned over the course of the last few years that life is about sacrifice in so many areas and it’s worth it.  I realize that fighting these things is really just about what’s going on inside of me and control.  The thing is, I can control myself for 3 days and follow a plan to feel better and reset myself.

What is the Refresh to me?  It’s a way to detox my body, rest my body, reset my palette to healthy food, sleep better, more mental clarity and maybe loss a bit of weight if I’ve gotten off track (we all do guys).  It’s truly not about the weight loss for me, but it’s about being conscious again of how I treat my body and what happens when I don’t treat it well.

You see, when I wasn’t taking care of my body, I was suffering daily with arthritic pain and IBS.  I was in my mid 30’s and headed to lots of meds and an unhappy existence.  I don’t want to be back there again.  I can lose sight somedays and that’s why I need a Refresh.  No food, tv show, addiction, whatever is worth teaching my children unhealthy habits (they do what we do, not what we say), living a life of pain, living a poor quality of life…unhappy, depressed, embarrassed…hiding.  I WILL SACRIFICE to be the best me for those I love.  I CAN sacrifice a few days to help get my mind straight and feel good.  I CAN drink a nutrient filled shake daily that gives me energy, my daily vitamins, and the foods I need to stay healthy.  These are all small sacrifices in comparison to what I would be giving up.

And honestly, when my mind shifts, and I’m going strong living healthy…it’s not a sacrifice…IT’S A JOY and one I’M PASSIONATE ABOUT PAYING FORWARD.  I want everyone to feel this good.

So, I can be long winded ha ha…my 3 Day Refresh Results!  I’m down 4lbs…you can see in the photos less bloat from my stomach all the way through my thighs.  But the real victory is that I’ve slept well, I feel energized, I’m craving good food, my skin is clearing up.  It’s truly about getting back to where I want to be and I’M SO HAPPY with my results!

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions!  I’d love to help you live a healthier life!

P.S. Yes I’m in my pajama pants.  Mom life in all it’s glory.  Rushed mornings…but living the dream 😉



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