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Making changes in our health and fitness can be scary.  I’ve been there.  I’ve been the quitter many times.  I’ve decided that “This is the Monday I will change my life!”  Only to find Wednesday I was back to my bad habits, over eating, not wanting to exercise and feeling bad about myself.  I can’t even count how many times I gave up and thought, I could never make a healthy lifestyle stick.  But, in 2012 I was introduced to my company’s amazing system.  Not only did they provide you with proven tools you needed to get started on better nutrition and an exercise program, but there were online, private groups on Facebook for support.  I joined and was forever changed by the accountability, encouragement and friendship I gained.  It truly changed my life.


Every month, I open a group on Facebook that is private and full of women who want to improve their health and fitness.  There is a variety of needs in each group from weight loss, toning up, improved health, gaining muscle.  While each person’s needs of the group is different, we are all come together for a least a few minutes daily to be there for each other.  We share our lives, stories, daily workouts, recipes, tips and hold each other accountable.  I make a daily post that you respond to.  If you have 5 minutes a day and want to change your life while gaining friendship and community, a challenge group is for you!


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Before joining a group, you and I will discuss your goals, struggles and a plan to make sure that you have success.   We will be working together on this journey.  I am here for you as your coach and friend.  If you’d like to see some women I’ve been helping, you can check out the Success Stories tab.  I’m looking forward to getting started with you!  One step towards change could be the greatest step of your life!!!




If you’re interested in joining me in my next group, please click the link below.  I will be in touch to make a plan for YOUR success!!!

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