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I could start in the beginning, with my childhood, where my view of food and myself got all off course.  Where I numbed myself with food, found myself as a child ugly, awkward and out of place with most kids, or in high school how I got along with everyone, but didn’t really fit in.  Then there’s college where I gained weight, came home and lost weight, but went too far and was borderline anorexic.  Then I moved into binging and taking laxatives to try to rectify my sins on my body.  All of that plays into the person I’ve become, the challenges I’ve faced in my own journey on body and self image, weight loss and health.  I think this is all valuable information that will help other women out there with the struggles they’ve carried for years, but that is for another time.  I want my story to start from now, my mid-life mommy hood so it’s not too long and I don’t lose a ton of you reading.  So let’s fast forward to 2012…

In early 2012, we were newly relocated to Florida by the army.  We left our church and friends of 10 years and were excited to take on a new adventure.  Once we arrived in Florida though, that quickly changed.  Our dog was diagnosed with Cancer and she survived a few months before we lost her.  I also found it hard to meet people and make friends.  The community we chose to live in was great on paper when looking for a place to move, but once we got here I became depressed and struggled to find people to relate to.  As all of this was happening, I was having a huge amount of pain in my neck, left shoulder, and arm.  I thought it was stress, so the doctor put me on muscle relaxers and that helped a little, but the pain got worse and I later discovered a lump on the left side of my collarbone.  That was the start of a long, scary year for me.  I spent 9 months in physical therapy, various tests, x-rays, MRI’s and there was talk of Lymphoma and other Cancers.  I was scared and it challenged my faith greatly.  I was on the table ready to have a bone biopsy and the technician refused to perform it after looking at my MRI.  He said he would not do it until I had a bone scan that showed significant cause to do the procedure, because he would surely break my collarbone by doing the biopsy.  After the bone scan, the diagnosis was severe arthritis of the joints.  God answered such a great prayer, but I was left wondering where I went from that point.  The doctors basically said to take pain meds and continue on with life, all while I was in so much pain I couldn’t take my own shirt off over my head.

So, what could I do?  I vowed to take better care of myself, for my own pain and quality of life, but also to be a good example to my children.  I had totally forgotten that they were watching me.  I was entrusted with these precious gifts and I was leading them to a life of unhealthy choices.  Honestly, I felt trapped.  I’ve never been one to follow through, take charge or be great at change…but I had to.  The first step I took was signing up for the Disney Princess Half Marathon in February of 2014.  I figured spending that much money would MAKE me succeed (looking back, I think I was insane because I HATED running).  And then, I looked at Beachbody again.  You see, I had purchased a program and Shakeology from an awesome coach in 2012 when I was going through my health scare.  I loved the shakes, but used my circumstances as an excuse to quit.  I was the queen of excuses and I felt like I gave her a new excuse every week why I couldn’t stick it out and my health validated that.   In the end, I quit and avoided her because I felt I had disappointed her so much.  I was a failure in my own eyes and I wanted to try again, but was too embarrassed to ask her.  God totally rescued me though.  It was at that time, that I reconnected on Facebook with an old friend, Mike, my husband’s roommate from the army.  He was a coach and I felt like he truly helped and heard me.  He encouraged me and didn’t give up on me, so I began drinking Shakeology again and started feeling better.


I began my journey as a discount coach, just drinking Shakeology and  signing up to coach so I could get it cheaper…but as I got stronger and healthier, my mindset changed.  I was the quitter and excuse maker and with the help of someone cheering me on, I was becoming a new person.  I believe completely that God placed coaching on my heart.  When I prayed for a job I could work and not be away from the kids, every door was shut.  I was afraid at first that I couldn’t inspire others, I couldn’t be a leader and a light…but I was wrong.  Anyone can.  It just takes the heart and desire to love, help others and find the way.  Drinking Shakeology and exercising daily has given me a story to share, a hope to give to others.  Because of Beachbody, I am living pain free.  I no longer have daily pain or IBS.  My arthritis is only present when I do something to injure myself, but moving my body and taking care of it with nutrition has given me my life back.  And, in February of 2014, I completed the Disney Princess Half Marathon…I FINISHED!  I didn’t quit!  It was such a victory and I know that I can do anything I set my mind to now.


I get overwhelmed emotionally when I think of all I’ve come through and how a company that shares such a powerful message has changed me.  It’s made me a better person, wife, mom, friend and has given me a better quality of life.  I am able to share this gift and give back to others.  I can help my family and have hopes and dreams of living financially free all while being a part of a greater cause.  Beachbody is a company I can stand behind for their heart and integrity.  It is not a quick fix.  It is a life change and they have all the pieces to make the change a success.  Fitness, Nutrition, and Support.

I have found my professional calling.  When I see other moms who have lost hope in themselves, it is my passion to change that.  You can be the woman you imagine!  You can love your body, be fit, healthy, more patient, less stressed, help your family financially and do the things you want to do!  Live your dreams!  That is something the old me no longer believed in or hoped for…all I could focus on was to get through one day to the next.  I dream again, I laugh again, I still have work to do on me…but I know I will get there.

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